Portraits For Jude

Portrait of Jude courtesy of Sadie Belgrave

Portrait of Jude courtesy of Sadie Belgrave


I am helping my friend Sadie’s son Jude, who has cerebral palsy, get the life changing therapy he needs to enable him to walk independently.

Sadie and I became friends through our photography some 13 years ago here in San Francisco.

I recently visited Sadie in England and met her new family for the first time, it was a wonderful afternoon with them all amidst the chaos of their home renovations, and I was touched by her dedication to doing whatever is necessary to improve Jude’s life, including returning to work part time as a terminal care nurse with the NHS.

Jude is a 3 year old surviving identical twin from East Sussex, England, who was born at 31 weeks. He had suffered a stroke in the womb at 20 weeks when his twin brother died following a rare complication during the pregnancy.  

His stroke caused a brain injury called peri-ventricular leukomalacia and this led to spastic diplegia cerebral palsy. For Jude this means that he finds sitting and moving around as well as standing and walking to be extremely difficult and painful at times.

He recently underwent a successful life changing operation called selective dorsal rhizotomy, and we are raising funds for his intensive physiotherapy program, which is not available on the National Health Service, to enable him to walk alongside his younger brother Tristan, who thankfully doesn’t have a disability. 

Jude in recovery at The Portland Hospital in London.

Jude in recovery at The Portland Hospital in London.

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Having your portrait taken will help raise money for Jude’s therapy.

Portrait sessions available for families, couples, friends, businesses and individuals.

Call me at 415 505 0899 or email to enquire about a portrait session.

To help Jude you can make a donation at his fundraising page with Just4Children.

Or by PayPal, just put ‘Hey Jude’ in the note.