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Keep Calm & Let The British Guy Handle It


Combining extensive experience in photography and a fascination with digital technology to help you get the most from your images.

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My background is in corporate, annual report, advertising, editorial and stock photography in the US, England and Australia, both in studio and on location working with natural and artificial light.

Over 12 years experience in digital capture, post production cataloging, editing, color grading and formatting images for submission to commercial clients and major stock photography companies.

On set image capture to a 15" MacBook Pro using Capture One Pro 11/12 or Lightroom, with an iPad Pro for use with Capture Pilot, RAW file processing, color grading and export to your requirements with backups. Editing & post production services also available.

Half Day: $400 up to 5 hours.

Full Day: $600 up to 10 hours.

Longer term or regular projects, editing and post production priced on a per job basis.

An Eizo CG2730 monitor can be available at an additional $225 per day. Additional monitors and equipment available at rental cost.

I bring along 64gb CF and SD camera cards, Star Tech 30ft active extension, Lens Align for focus adjustment, sensor cleaning kit for full and crop frame, X-Rite Color Passport, Macbeth 8x10 Color Checker, Kodak 8x10 Gray Cards and anything else I can think of that may come in handy.

Image security is a priority and I keep 2 copies of the shoot on my backup system should they be needed.


I have a great Elinchrom Lighting Kit consisting of the following.

3 x BRX 500 Monobloc Heads

2x D-Lite 200 Heads as backup

53” Rotalux Octa Softbox,

35.5” x 43” Rotalux Softbox,

20 “ x 51” Rotalux Strip Soft Boxes x 2

24” x 31.5” Rotalux Softbox With Hooded Diffuser

14” x 35” Rotalux Softbox With Hooded Diffuser

27” Rotalux Deep Octa Softbox

17” White Beauty Dish

Manfrotto Convertible Boom

4 Manfrotto 7’ 7” Stands x 4

Matthews Reverse Stands x 2

EL-Skyport Transmitter Plus x 2

This is available at a rate of $400 per day as a supplement to my digitech services or $650 per day with me there to do the lighting only.

This equipment is not available for rental separately.