Fundraising Through Photography

Photo of Jude courtesy of Sadie Belgrave.

Photo of Jude courtesy of Sadie Belgrave.

I am helping my friend Sadie’s son Jude, who has cerebral palsy, get the life changing surgery and therapy he needs to enable him to walk independently.

Sadie and I became friends through our photography some 13 years ago here in San Francisco.

She returned to England, married Neil and became pregnant with identical twins, but Jude’s brother Zachary died in the womb due to a rare complication and Jude suffered a stroke which caused a brain injury called peri-ventricular leukomalacia and this has led to spastic diplegia cerebral palsy.

In April last year I visited Sadie in England and met her new family for the first time, it was a wonderful afternoon with them all amidst the chaos of their home renovations, and I was touched by her dedication to doing whatever was necessary to improve Jude’s life.

Jude recently qualified for SDR surgery and the least I can do is help give him a chance of walking alongside his younger brother Tristan, who thankfully doesn’t have a disability.

We have a website dedicated to raising funds for Jude through portrait photography at

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