Portrait © Kurt Markus.

Portrait © Kurt Markus.


experienced and resourceful

loves to meet people and make portraits

an eye for graphic composition

visually literate

phase one certified professional

occasionally shoots film with a 60's rolleiflex

relishes road trips around the west

instagram fan

dreams of driving an aston martin


It's been an enlightening and fulfilling journey from a working class childhood in the north of England to finding my photographic home in the American West. Starting out in Sydney, Australia, where my family emigrated to, I photographed for corporate and advertising clients, followed by working with designers in London on annual reports, then joining The Image Bank and relocating to San Francisco.

I would welcome the opportunity to work with you.


Clients include: General Motors UK, Safeway UK, Sydney Morning Herald Magazine, Bank of England, Bailard, Hospitals of Australia, KPMG, BP, Lloyds Bank, Campbell's Soup Company, Getty Images, Corbis, The Scientist Magazine, Main Street Research, California Autism Foundation, Burnham Benefits and more involved in construction, architecture, mining, finance, agriculture, manufacture and healthcare.